Leiden University Masterclass by Prof. Matthew McKelway / IIAS Lecture

Leiden University Masterclass by Prof. Matthew McKelway / IIAS Lecture

"Albums, Gafu, and Exhibitions: Painting and Posterity in Late Eighteenth Century Kyoto"

19 October 2019
Lipsius Building, room 227, Leiden

Following the Tenmei Fire in 1788, late eighteenth-century Kyoto witnessed several new phenomena in the field of painting, which collectively may have been consequences of the losses and resulting opportunities of the great conflagration. The masterclass will investigate three distinct yet closely related practices that emerged in the 1790s and which would flourish in the early nineteenth century: the invention of public exhibitions of painting and calligraphy by living artists; the publication of books dedicated to the work of living or recently deceased painters; and the creation of albums that amassed painting and calligraphy by prominent living practitioners of these arts. Through an examination of these artistic practices it is hoped that we may both reconsider ideas about competition and collaboration amongst distinct schools or workshops and discover more broadly ways in which artists in late eighteenth-century Japan promoted their work.

This master class is intended for students of Asian arts, archaeology, history, languages and cultures (BA, MA, PhD levels), teachers and others interested. Admission is by confirmed registration onlyPlease send an email to Heleen van der Minne at h.m.van.der.minne@iias.nl Those who have registered receive an information package in pdf with some relevant readings for the master class.

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