Lectures, Workshops & Symposia

Lectures, Workshops & Symposia

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Online Lecture
Game+Culture: Co-evolution of Japanese Video Games and Society
12 November 2020
The Japan Foundation, London
Japanese video games have been widely acknowledged as some of the best in business, attracting evangelical fans all over the world. Though ostensibly created with borderless content and universal characters, it is argued by some that Japanese video games are deeply embedded in and reflective of Japanese society. Their palpable spirit and philosophies may be understood as being sourced from Japan’s old traditions, even from well-known art forms such as haiku and the practice of tea ceremony. However, it is difficult to perceive at a glance how these seemingly unrelated pretechnological art forms and culture have influenced 21st century digital content.

Inviting HIRABAYASHI Hisakazu, a video game journalist and analyst, this special talk aims to identify ‘Japaneseness’ in digital game content, analysing to what degree it has rooted from Japanese cultural as well as social history and to what extent it is indebted to old Japanese traditions. While illustrating some characteristics of leading game companies such as Nintendo, HIRABAYASHI also explains the future visions of these companies and game creators against a background of the recent evidence of a decline in the global share of Japanese games.
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Webinar Series
26 November 2020

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’s Kasuri
The Centre for Culture and Development – Netherlands (CDD-NL) presents ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’s Kasuri’, a webinar series in three parts which brings to life the history, cultural impact and sustainable future of the weaving tradition. From kimono to wallets, the traditional Kasuri fabric has stood the test of time. Watch the first edition of the series on November 26nd 2020. De next webinars are scheduled on February 25th and March 18th 2021.
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Past activities

Online Event
Linked Verse: Koshiro Onchi and his circle of print artists
November 7, 2020, 2 PM CST
CJP Collecting Japanese Prints, Wilmette, USA
Koshiro Onchi (1891–1955) was one of the leading printmakers in 20th-century Japan. He is credited with producing the first work of abstraction in 1915 and known for imbuing his work with an expressive quality that was thought-provoking and emotionally potent. W
ith his charisma, Onchi tended to the flame of the Sosaku Hanga movement through the dark years leading to and during the war by encouraging artists to produce creative prints for art’s sake. Professional artists and amateurs alike followed Onchi’s lead and created some of the most compelling prints of the 20th century. The work these artists composed directly addressed Onchi’s influence as well as the greater historical undercurrents of 20th-century Japan.

This seminar will focus on the significant influence Onchi had on his creative print colleagues as well as highlighting the visual poetic vernacular that was initiated and implemented within this pioneering artistic circle. The seminar will showcase rarely seen work, including several unique monoprints, produced during this experimental and exceptionally creative period in Japan. This seminar will be conducted on Facebook Live.
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Online Event
The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics
5 November 2020, from 5 to 6:30 pm (local time)
Joan B. Mirviss Ltd., New York
Online Zoom event that unites four of the most important artists in Japan today. Based on an exclusive launch event in Tokyo for The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics last year, Joan Mirviss now opens up that conversation with a new panel of artists and to share with a wider audience online.

Een kat van woorden. De Japanse kat in de literatuur van de afgelopen duizend jaar (in Dutch)
1 March 2020
Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, Leiden, The Netherlands
In Japan is de liefde voor de kat (neko) groot. Dit is niet alleen te zien in de beeldende kunst maar ook in de literatuur. Deze lezing van professor Ivo Smits, Hoogleraar Letteren en culturen van Japan aan de Universiteit Leiden, geeft een impressie van de kat in de Japanse literatuur.
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Katten in de Japanse kunst (in Dutch)
23 February 2020
Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, Leiden, The Netherlands
Een kat lijkt misschien maar gewoon een kat, maar in de Japanse kunst draagt haar afbeelding vaak meerdere boodschappen met zich mee. In deze lezing wordt aan de hand van verschillende kunstvormen zoals houtsnedes, schilderkunst en volkskunst, de (kunst)historische ontwikkeling van de kat uitgelicht. Door Maureen de Vries, gastconservator van het SieboldHuis.
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Annual Rijksmuseum/IIAS Lecture
Nagasawa Rosetsu and the Modalities of Painting in 18th Century Japan
20 October 2018
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Leiden University Masterclass by Prof. Matthew McKelway/IIAS Lecture
Albums, Gafu, and Exhibitions: Painting and Posterity in Late Eighteenth Century Kyoto
19 October 2018
Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands

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International Workshop
Performing Gender and Place in Early Modern and Modern Japan
8 September 2018
Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands
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VVAK jubilee symposium 
Collecting Asian Art in the Western World: Past, Present & Future
23 June 2018
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
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Van Gogh & Japan
6/7 June 2018
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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