Lecture: Desirable Copies and Genuine Fakes

Sunday 23 February 2020

Lecture: Desirable Copies and Genuine Fakes

by Menno Fitski, the head of Asian Art at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

February 23, 2020; 14.30 h  (coffee and tea will be served from 14:00 h.)
Location: De Nieuwe Kerk, Eggertzaal, De Dam, Amsterdam
From the early seventeenth century, Japanese porcelain was made in serial production at a multitude of kilns in the village of Arita in northwestern Kyushu. Arita wares initially catered for the tastes of the Japanese domestic market but later expanded to overseas markets. Successful designs and forms were quickly copied by others in this competitive environment but the market also demanded wares that copied Chinese or Delft shapes and motifs. Copying was thus very much at the heart of the Arita production process, and so the concepts of “fake” and “genuine” are not clear-cut categories in the discussion of this porcelain tradition. This lecture examines the fascinating and complicated interplay of styles up to today, as genuinely faked examples of early Arita pieces appear on the market in ever greater number.

Drinks can be purchased after the lecture in the downstairs café.
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